ON4IY formerly ON1CFX
(home of secondary callsigns ON1KUL (no longer) and ON4SHF (for group activities) and OR0C (not active))


Check out the site of W3IY for good microwave operating info, primarily roving. Here you will not learn that much. Bill passed away in September 2005, and his site is kept alive by W1RT. Thanks!

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NOV. 25th, 2010. More power on 47GHz (20mW)

MAR. 15th, 2010. 
Power on 47GHz (just a little bit)

JAN. 30th, 2010. 
AD9912 and reference clock info

Oct. 1th, 2009.  
Sony ICF-6800W repair, restoration and pricing info

AUG. 21th, 2009.  
Sony ICF-6700W/L repair, restoration and pricing info

MAY. 25th, 2009. Great RS QSOs (24GHz, F6DRO)

APR. 15th, 2009.  
24GHz rainscatter: QSOs with F6DKW (286km), F6DWG/P (242) and F5PEJ (217)

APR. 11th, 2009.  
ON0GHZ/B  now on 24GHz gps locked

MAY. 5th, 2008.  ON0GHZ/B  QRV again.

DEC. 16th, 2007.  
QSO F-ON 24GHz F6DWG/P 242km. My assistants. Some info.

NOV. 9th, 2007.  
ON0GHZ/B was ON0KUL/B QRT for overhauls
JO20kv. Old KUL/B info

OCT. 17th, 2007.
Roverbox xlock PLL based stabilization scheme now available.

MAR. 12th, 2007. Roverbox display software update. Fixes a bug in locator calculation, with error up to 900m.

NOV. 1st, 2006. BIG SALE AT ON4IY

OCT. 22th, 2006.
I am revamping my Linrad set-up  - this one of the bigger changes for next years ON4SHF/P.

OCT. 15th, 2006. 10 MHz reference PCBs and MARs available again for EU, 6 EUR incl. postage.

AUG. 13th, 2006. Our Minirove is now over (JO23 JN29 JO10) - thanks for all tests. Hope to see you again soon! Suggestions for other grids welcome.

JUL. 18th, 2006. The Roverbox display unit now also runs on Futurelec PIC boards for US builders.

JUL. 15th, 2006. First ON-GM on 6cm with GM4LBV from home. 801 km. We love the weather!

JAN. 14th, 2006.  European rover campaign! Support this exiting operating category.

JAN. 9th, 2006.  ON0KUL/B QRV on 2320,975 MHz and 10368,970 MHz JO20kv.

NOV. 10th, 2005.  Roverbox display unit - PIC controller board for OEM GPS modules and associated 10 MHz reference now available.  It is becoming relatively simple to build a system that is accurate (enough) in QRG.



Welcome to the Homepage of Xtof (Christophe), ON4IY
fighting kTB on most microwave bands

Virginia Arboretum, near Winchester, VA and Skyline Drive, VA - September 2001 contest



I may be able to help if your problem is related to HAM microwaves: maybe you want to use something from the lab (well - not much there probably - but this needs an update). Maybe I have something in my parts inventory that can get you on the air (lots of cables, semi-rigid, WR-42, ... ask). It is a shame that things DO NOT GET USED. Share the goodies!

Microwave Playground

Here is where I have fun... if you think you should be on the map -  please Email call and locator!

 ON4SHF contest station

on4shf   on4shf
Left to Right:  2*18 on 70cm - 2m on 23cm and 40cm on 24GHz - 1.2m on 13cm, 75cm on 6cm and 40cm on 3cm
Left to Right: ON4SHF: ON4CDQ Peter, ON4CJQ Jerry, ON4CDU Hans, ON4QJ Erwin, ON5DRE Kevin, ON4IY Xtof under the 2m dish for 23cm

last update Apr. 16, 2009 - 73 xtof