For sale at ON4IY

Yes it is finally happening - I am going to move house and I need to get rid of a lot. My loss is your gain. I am selling all my
VHF/UHF gear to concentrate on microwaves from the new QTH. Those who have seen my shack know what I need to clear!
I only sell good, usable stuff... so contact me if you are not happy! All prices FOB Leuven, BE in EUR.

I am still sorting out a lot of stuff like all the Birds and associated elements, the 2m/70cm LNAs (SSB electronics) aso.
Will publish on this page but contact me if you have specific questions.

More microwave bits to come as well.

Updated 10/2009

Item Description Remarks Price Quantity Status Thoughts
1 Kenwood TM-255A/E Modified for +12V on TX on antenna, can easily be undone 325 GONE OK Used as microwave IF radios, ideal modern multimode
2 Kenwood
Unmodified 325 GONE OK Keeping one myself :-)
3 Icom IC-910H 2m/70/23cm Multimode (23cm option UX-910 and mounting bracket fitted) 1250 GONE OK Used for /P liason and IARU contests but no longer - US version
4 TE Sytems 4452G 165W+ brick 12V for 70cm, NO LNA
5 TE Systems
350W+ brick 12V for 2m, NO LNA 325 GONE OK
6 TE Systems
Brick has driver transistor removed (MRF247) but 2 spare available NO LNA 225 GONE  work
7 RFConcepts
170W brick 12V for 2m, 40W in, LNA 125 GONE OK Tested FM 150W+, LNA/SSB ok
8 WIMO 18 Element yagi 70cm 60 2 OK Only used once
9 WIMO Splitter + phasing 15 OK Only with yagis
10 M2 18 Element 70cm 50 1 OK
11 M2 9 Element 2m free 1 work Only with 70cm M2
12 ICOM IC-202 2m multimode TRX 150 GONE OK The classic - quick test rx/tx done, battery OK, but capacity untested
13 ICOM IC-502 6m multimode TRX 125 GONE TLC  rare - same but on 6 meters!, no mike, antenna is a bit damaged, needs some minor work, no battery
51 Symetricom (HP) Professional timing reference system
includes T-3100 GPS 10MHz driving 55409 distribution and Rubidium track/hold reference (almost new tube), includes new special IF antenna, 16 2,048MHz out, 10 MHz out, ethernet, ...
750 GONE OK Unique with manuals, I dont want to mention my buy price but I no longer have space, this is similar to HP Z3801A
101 Amp 4W/6cm Surplus with large heatsink, you provide sequenced - and + voltages 50 1 OK tested OK watch out for GASFET sequencing
102 Amp 4W/6cm Surplus, you provide sequenced - and + voltages, with spare final  40 GONE OK tested OK watch out for GASFET sequencing
103 48cm Procom 3cm Complete dish system waveguide connection 75 GONE OK
104 LO bricks Typical LO  Bricks frequency west style
type a:100,5141 +/- * 36,39,42
type b:101,025 +/- *36,39,42
type c: 11700-12200
all above -22V
8 GONE untested
105 LO power supply DC/DC -22V out 5 WAIT untested for the LO bricks
105 HP 8260C Chassis  10 GONE work use as spare
106 LO bricks 20dbm 1150-1230 Mhz, +24V 10 GONE untested
107 2 ft antenna system Prime focus waveguide antenna system complete with 10 and 24 sheppards crook feeds, so can be used for 10 OR 24 300
GONE OK This is the famous WA3ZKR Jeff Kruth surplus dish complete - the real deal, used for the world record RS contact.
It took 100 MGF1302s just to get the 24GHz feed.
108 HP HSCH-9401 5 pcs. GaAs Schottky diodes 200 GHz, good for 121/145 GHz (and lower) 55 GONE OK on gelpack, 1 pack = 5 devices
109 Reflock board 1 CT1DMK reflock, complete NTMS/VJB version, SMA fitted 15 GONE OK Programmed CPLD on board, I have tested extensively with these board so they are not new
110 Reflock board 2 CT1DMK reflock, complete and working, VE1ALQ version with 4046 lock detector fitted, no SMA 15 GONE OK Same
111 HP 8620C with 10-15GHz plug-in 250 GONE OK
112 HP 8620C with 2-8GHz plug-in 140 GONE OK Unleveled light is on, power is always at maximum output
201 Tektronix X-terminal Grayscale Xterminals with linux compatible software free GONE OK
202 ATI FireGL2 CAD graphics card 20 OK just pulled
203 OEM BP-511 Canon compatible battery packs, 7.4V, 1600mAh 8 2 OK New!
301 Symec TNC3s 9600/1200 high performance TNC 220 1 OK
302 Symec TNC2h 9600 TNC 50 1 OK
303 Tekk 70cm data trx (xtal controlled) 40 1 LEFT OK
304 AEA PK232 Multimode controller 50 GONE OK
401 SONY ICF-6700W short wave - dual conversion rx 250 1 OK Collectors quality - perfect. Comes with 6700 manual (paper copy (no orginal) in English, French, German and Spanish) and original power cord. Cleaned and realigned.
402 SONY ICF-6800W short wave - synthesized dual conversion rx 350 1 OK WHITE VERSION - PLL TRANSISTORS REPLACED
Used but perfect working order. Comes with 6800 manual (paper copy (no original) in English, French, German and Spanish) and  power cord. Repaired, cleaned and realigned.
This unit was rack monted on a boat - therefore side handles are not included.

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