QSO 24 GHZ F6DWG/p jn19aj 242km 16-12-2007

Linrad screen - you see very well Marc is transmitting 24048.096 - always there, and the QSB peaks. There is some warble on the signal because of the GPS locking PLL. Screenshot taken next morning on some of the raw data.

linrad screen

Equipment ON4IY                                    
-- Ampli W2PED 2.5W (mesure 1.4W fin du guide)
-- offset style carrefour 90cm
-- feed W1GHZ 3cm/1.2cm bibande
-- systeme en guide avec relais WR42 (voir hyper rubrique DRO pour infos)
-- TRV db6nt
-- chaine LO maison stabilise avec GPS (+/- 50Hz sur 24G)
-- RX frontend maison avec SDR Linrad
Equipment F6DWG/P
-- Ampli W2PED 2.5W 
-- offset 90cm
-- systeme en guide
-- TRV db6nt, LO f1gjp maison
-- F6DWG -4, RH 86
-- ON4IY -4, RH 75
-- Attenuation estimated 0.05 db/km, MIX Trappes 2.5g H2O/kg air

Some more station pictures:

VXI (all band selection and switching is done there under Linux control) and LO (GPS referenced) rack and radio operating position (Linrad/lLinux PC to right - not visible)

takeoff to S-SW

dish (90cm for 3 and 1.2cm, 60cm for 6cm) and feed (W1GHZ dual band feed 3/1.2cm)