23>47GHZ doubler  using MA46H146

Towards +13dBm/20mW on 47GHz

ON4IY  -- November 2010

0. Intro

-    PCB DB6NT no 33
-    Housing Hubert Krause
-    Epotek H20 group buy frhyper
-    MA46H146 varactor diode
-    CW2400 conductiev epoxy

Previously we achieved 0dBm or 1mWatt on 47GHz using HP diodes. Read that first.

1. Project status

2. Setup

The test set-up is simple, 122.xyz MHz from a homebrew DDS to a DB6NT 11.5 GHz multiplier chain, this is attenuated to 5mW and goes into an Ebay Edgartech doubler delivering 100mW at 24GHz used to pump the 47GHz doubler. This results in FSK on 47088.075 Mhz with T9.


3. Testing and initial units: results

Working resistance of the diode was 5K ohms for about 4.2V at 100mW on 24GHz.

On a calibrated Q band head, 18mW was obtained for 125mW input. I ran reliable at this power level for hours. So, 13dB were gained versus the HSCH-9401...

Don t start with this drive power.... drive at a few 10s of mWs, snowflake and tune, then increase power and adjust working resistance or diode will go boom! Make sure there is some "proper" termination on the output.

Some pictures of the prototypes:

ready to glueprototype

ready to glue and  prototype snowflaking to be cleaned up

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