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Terr. + EME       Terr.      DXCC
       935      640       163
Terr. + EME       Terr.      DXCC
       581      544       70
SQUARES/DXCC all modes
SQUARES/DXCC without digimodes
4el 100W
4x14 1kW
4x10 500W
(hrd) 2311km
(hrd) 2642km
4Z5AO KM72
Squares wkd terrestrial
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                      DD0VF is licenced since July 1991 (I've got  one of the 1st new issued lic in my city after the political change).
                      The interest in radio starts with 10 years while making a detector-RX.
                      With the age of 12 I made my 1st 3m antenna (HB9CV) and was very interested in 3m BC-DX (used up to 4 x 8 for that).

In the former east germany (GDR) I was not interested to become a radioamateur, because it was a must to be a member of a paramilitary organisation for that.

1991-1997 I was QRV from home with 4x10 - JO61VB, down in the valley of Dresden.

1997-2002 we had to move and lived 5 years at the 14th floor of a high riced building (JO61VA). I've got some nice results there with just a HB9CV in front of the  
                  window only - I could work I4XCC (800km) with 100W almost every day for example.

2002 we finaly found a flat with garden for a resonable rent (JO61WA) and moved again. Unfortunatly this place is very bad for VHF and it's not allowed to put a antenna on the roof, so only a 5el 2m up in the garden. Anyway I use a VHF-QTH since 1997 almost on top of Dresden (only bad take off from QTF 000....060) in JO61WB.
Since 1994 I'm QRV in CW (my lic without CW usualy) and made my 1st ever CW QSO with VE3ONT off the moon.
A few years I was totaly against digimodes, but for unknow reason I changed my minds in 2006 and working this modes now as well.

2008 (april) 10 years of radioamateur-activity in JO61WB are over after a scheme of the local culture and sportclub against us.
With the help of members of DL0FTL I'm QRV agn now from JO60UX. JO60UX it's south of Dresden and normally a good VHF-QTH 330m asl, but the building there is flat and not so much space is left to  set up antennas around the building. 

2010 (april) Due a heavy increase of rent we had to close our clubstation in JO60UX. I tried to stay there private without success.
But I'm happy to continue with EME: with the help of DL4DTU I found a new QTH in JO61TB at 281m asl in the most western part of Dresden.
Take off is ufb from QTF 020 to 090 and bad from 270 to 340, all other is medium.
Unfortunatly the moonrise is allmost in the direction of the city with noise of 4-8dB.
I'm using 2 x 9 el since May 9th (4 antennas are a bit to heavy and difficuilt to mount on the small roof).
visual horizon
The visual horizon from the new QTH JO61TB
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DXCC 2m #73
DXCC 2m #73