On our way

The Everglades / FLA


The south coast of Cuba

Grand Cayman - First view


Sea Spray Cottage1

Sea Spray Cottage2

Our cottage

Our “Beach”

Ham stuff

Adjuster at work


Hold tight Bill!!

Fixing guy wires

ZF1EJ’s name plate

ZF1EJ’s (ZF1A) antenna farm

... and my “antenna farm”

It’s getting dark

ZF2GU at work

Visiting ZF1EJ

Pictures from Grand Cayman Island

Seven Mile Beach 1

Blow Hole

Our little house dragon

Breakers scene

Seven Mile Beach 2

Sunset at Rum Point

Yellow Flamboyant

Seven Mile Beach 3

Island’s Architecture

Georgetown 1

Red Flamboyant

Gods Church in East End

The True Blue

Georgetown 2

Grand Cayman “Lighthouses”

Lighthouse Park

Grand Cayman Lighthouse

Lighthouse Restaurant

Batabano - Carnival on Grand Cayman Island

Batabano Carnival 1

Batabano Carnival 5

Batabano Carnival 9

Batabano Carnival 2

Batabano Carnival 6

Batabano Carnival 10

Batabano Carnival 3

Batabano Carnival 7

Batabano Carnival 11

Batabano Carnival 4

Batabano Carnival 8

Batabano Carnival 12

In the Botanical Garden

Old Ginger Bread House

“Bottle neck cleaner”

“Screw Tree”

The Blue Iguana


Green Heron


Try to climb this tree!

Blooming Agave

Banana plant

Endangered Blue Iguanas

Another Blue Iguana

Stingray City

Heading Stingray City

Arrived at Stingray City

Family portrait with Ray

Marine Life

Blue Striped Grunts


Hello Mister Grouper

Smooth trunkfish

Reef fish

Water Lilis

Giant Agave

Erika and the Stingray

Reef fish

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