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I activated call sign 9A/VE3ZIK in 2004. In July 2004 I used FT101ZD and inverted V antenna, and in September 2004 I used Icom 706 MKII. Results were very good; over 110 DXCC and 3100 QSOs in my log. At the same time in July, Franz was active with call sign 9A/DL3PS and made over 1000 QSO. We visited Krk Island, EU-136 and worked in IOTA contest with 9A0R team. In 2004, 9A0R won in IOTA Contest. I made over 300 QSO with call sign 9A/VE3ZIK/p (/p used only for IOTA activity).

Also, we visited Ranko, 4O6A and his UFB Contest location on Obosnik Hill. This is one of the best locations ever seen. Located just at the top of the hill (580m), we had a chance to enjoy in incredible pile up with special call sign 4O6100BB. For less of 24h of activity, over 1700 QSO in log. Pileups were incredible, especially on SSB. All monobanders, IC 775 and Henry 8K made from me a pile up maniac.
Thanks Ranko, and hope we'll make some contest together.

I was active on 10m FM for the first time and made around 50 contacts with 14 DXCC. ODX was CN8TY, op Malik with UFB signal. FM seems to be a nice way to make a QSO on short
wave. I worked many nice stations, including ZL1AH (30m), VK6HD (40m), V73NS, EM1HO, TT8KR, 9U6PM etc.

All of this can't be imagine without my wife. She understands me and my love to HAM radio. She never complained that I am maybe too loud, or why NOW must I work some DX. She is my biggest award.