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Hartwig Kauschat
Thürachstrasse 26a
79189 Bad Krozingen


 CQ Zone 09

ITU Zone 12

FY/DL7BC/p  -  TO2BC

via DARC bureau, direct or via OQRS through

Because of many cards returned in the past, I only will answer incoming QSLs (direct or via bureau).  The conditions regarding QSLs can be found here: QSL-Policy

French Guiana, located in the north-eastern part of South America, is a French overseas département and an overseas region. It is about 83.534 km² big and had in 2013 about 244.000 inhabitants (just a bit more than the city of Freiburg, where I am member in the local DARC chapter AØ5). The capital city is Cayenne, which has around 58.000 inhabitants and is the biggest city in French Guiana. Besides Cayenne, the city of Kourou is known for the European Space Agency's main spaceport, from where e.g. ARIANE rockets are launched. On Devils Island off the shore of Kourou, there was a penal colony, where Henri Charrière was imprisoned and successfully fled (according to his book "Papillon"), describing his experiences. 1973, his memoir was adapted as a movie under the same name "Papillon", starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman.

My friend DH1BL Bruno of Freiburg has taken over in 2017 a 3-4 years' assignment at a school in French Guiana and is active under his call FY4VA. He invited me to visit him, which of course I appreciated very much.

The QTH of Bruno is located a few kilometers south of Cayenne. Of course I will to use my stay also for amateur radio - sitting one more time on the other side of the pile-up. The station of Bruno consists of a 5-band-Spiderbeam for 10 to 20m with the WRTC 40m extension. Additionally, I planned to set up a 40m Triple Leg vertical antenna for comparison (the Spiderbeam extension was not bad at all...).


I am using my Kenwood TS 590SG, linked to HamRadioDeluxe and DigitalMaster 780 as I want to be QRV in DigiModes as well.

In 2017 I was running my TS 590SG barefoot, in 2018 I have been adding an Italian amplifier RF-Power HLV 1k3+ to benefit of the maximum legal power of 500W.

The schedule of my (planned) activities:
26.11. - 07.12.2017   FY/DL7BC/p
12.03. - 26.03.2018  FY/DL7BC/p and TO2BC (in BARTG HF RTTY and WPX SSB contest)
21.03. - 02.04.2019  TO2BC

During my 2017 operation I have logged exactly 2017 QSOs, Hope was big that in 2018 I could get more than only 2018 QSOs in my log. Mission accomplished - 3.991 QSOs in the log.

Hereafter some statistics around my 2017 and 2018 activities:

Some pictures from FY country:

FY4PU Nicolas, Hartwig DL7BC and Bruno FY4VA having a nice wheat beer @ Palmistes

Visiting Guiana Space Center at Kourou - and the well known contest station FY5KE

Former Radio France Internation HF transmitter site - now off duty :-(

Nicely decorated old cars ;-)

Panorama picture of the capital city of French Guiana - Cayenne

Hôtel des Palmistes - nice bar/restaurant          Entrance to the Chinese Village at Cayenne

Toucan in the Guiana Zoo                                   Puma - could be me after a long contest ;-)

A big grasshopper, about 8cm (3.2 inch) long     Dragonfly

Squirrel Monkeys (Saïmiri) on Ilet la Mère island off the Cayenne coast

And now - the spider section - don't scroll down if you don't like them ;-)

"Matoutou" spider, a very gentle one                Teraphosa spider, better not touch it....