Feedback und Kommentare:

Wir haben sehr viel positive Kommentare erhalten die wir hier gerne zeigen möchten. Hier nachfolgend ein paar wenige Kommentare auf QSL Karten:


N5ITW tnx for great island contact
W8WCQ Thanks for the new one and light house BAH-018.
WB5DNT Great DXpedition, thank you!
AH6HY Tnx QSOs! You are new IOTA for me!!!
N3RW  Danke für das QSO auf Deutsch. Ausgezeichnete Operation!
W9DC tnx for new IOTA + band countries
K2AJY Thank you very much for a new IOTA. It is my 524th IOTA. Happy new year.
K0KVR Thanks for new one on 30m for DXCC. Look forward to receiving your QSL.

Thank you so much for the contact from NA-219, a new IOTA for me. My best to all and good DX.

K6RV tnx QSO Dan, good operation, tnx new one on 17m
KB3LTC sounded like you were having a great dxpedition. Thanks
WY7UPR Daniel, tnx for good QSO, Congrats on excellent expedition
K6MCL thank you for new country on 20m
WB1ATZ Many many thanks for the new IOTA. All best, 73

You guys have a very nice website!! Daniel, thanks for the true 5/8 copy from my QRP (10W) signal from FT897d & base loaded whipantenna.

W3AWU my regards to Daniel and team, 73!
N3EF tnx fer QSO from Cay Sal Bank, 73 + happy new year!

Thanks for the QSO & thanks for slowing down. I have very limited antenna and lots of QRN.

N6KZ Bodo, excellent operation fm NA-219! Super CW op! TU for new IOTA! 73 de Jim
W1NRX Great job guys! TNX
K2IXQ Vielen Dank! FB sigs into California, GL/73, Peter
K8NKQ tks for new IOTA

tnx guys for pulling my QRP signal out of pile. The Cay Sal Banks are in the middle of nowhere. Hope you enjoyed nice wx, water, sun and DXing. Best luck in 2007 and tnx for new IOTA. 73 de Ben

W4LSC Didn’t notice you were on NA-219 until this QSO. Thanks so much! Gud DX es 73
KI4MYB hpe had grt dxpedition
K6LJC tnx for the special contact, hope you had a great time
G3NDC tnx for first C6 on 30m, 73 es gd DX
G3LUW mni tnx for a new IOTA
G4WFZ Many thanks for IOTA #1000, best wishes for 2007
SP6CIK Mni tnx fer five QSOs!
LY1CM tnx NA-219 and BAH-018!!!
F5XL congratulations
F5NPS Many thanks for all QSOs and New IOTA
SM3NRY very glad to work NA219 for a new one, Best 73 + DX to team
F6AXP Many thanks for new IOTA! HNY2007
G3TTC tnx for new country + IOTA
F8CIQ thanks for reports in new IOTA for me, 73+88 de Catherine
OK1APV tnx for new IOTA NA-219, GL es cu in 2007
HB9Q Lieber Bodo! Herzlichen Dank für die Erstverbindung C6-HB9 auf 1296 und 432!
DJ9YW Danke für das schöne EME QSO auf 23cm zu C6ARI
VA7BP Congratulation on an excellent operation
VE7SMP TU for NA-219 Elbow Cay, GL
VE7QCR Many thanks for this new IOTA NA-219, 73s Pat
VE6CNU Tnx vy fb QSO on 40m! GL+cuagn
VA3NQ tks vfb QSO for WPX and IOTA, cuagn, best DX+73, Gilbert
DK2LO tnx fr ufb DXpedition
DF2FZ  Lieber Daniel, danke für NA-219!
DL6MI  Vielen Dank für die neue Insel. War eine Klasse Expedition!
DL4DZL Hallo Bodo, das war das 1.QSO mit C6. Vielen Dank und immer gut Funk, 73
DL4FAY Tnx new 1 on 160m!
DL9JH Möchte mich bei Dir bedanken, dass Du so ein seltenes IOTA aktiviert hast, das sogar mir altem Hasen noch ein neues IOTA gebracht hat. Bin 84 Jahre alt und habe das IOTA 100 Nr. 94 (1972). Herzliche Grüße und noch gute DXpeditionen, DL9JH, 9A9JH
JA8JO Tnx great DXpedition from C6. GL es fb dx! 73's de Hiro, JA8JO
KC3RT Bodo, tnx for the new island! Good DX
K8VFV Great signal into Michigan. Thanks for the effort and the new IOTA!
KQ4YI Many thanks for the new one. Very difficult in central Florida, glad you have good ears.
WA5DTK Many tnx for the contact from the light house & the new island.
N4VA Tnx for going to NA-219! Tnx for the extra bands for my multi-band DXCC.
G4GED Tnx for 160m DXCC!
KE5CXX Mny tnx DX + nice job! Gud work on pile ups. 73
NO8R Great operation! Many tnx.
SM3TLG Tnx QSOs NA-219. Vy good DXpedition!
JR0DLU Grüßen Sie bitte die anderen Operator, die für uns eine rare IOTA Dxpedition organisiert haben. Vielen Dank für QSO und rare IOTA.
DK7LX Hut ab, Jungs! Klasse Operation. Vy 73!
W7BBC Tnx for fb contact. Wish I could travel & DX too!! Best 73's, Bill
W1DMM Thanks for Bahamas IOTA NA-219 and ARLHS BAH-018.
JE2HCJ Gd sig by s/p. Tnx fb expedition.
HB9AAL ufb DXpedition
VE3XN Thanks for an excellend DXpedition.
JE2QYZ NA-219 Cay Sal Bank = New one :) Thanks for your activities, many JAs could have a rare one. Vielen Dank! Mni tks late xmas present!
I8XTX Tks for new NA-219. Vy good DXpedition.
DL8FL Tnx fr ufb DX-pedition und die neue Insel !
DL3BXX Vielen Dank für die ufb DXpedition.
DL7BW Vielen Dank für Deine DXpedition nach C6. Du und Deine Begleiter haben einen beispielhaften Betriebsdienst absolviert. Danke für C6 und IOTA. 73 de Bernd
PA7MM Thanks for C6 on low bands.
HB9AVE Many thanks for contacts. Congrats fer ufb operating!


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