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Circuit Diagram´s and PCB designs regarding the renovation and modifactions could be fined at: Concepts for TR7 pages

Click, hereto go to the Concepts for TR7 Pages

Free Circuit Diagram´s TR7

Herunterladen Sie: Schaltbilder TR7 in Höheresolution A3 Format Drücken in A4 ist möglich   Dateigöße 6 Megabyte


design-mic-for-renewedtr7.jpg (15932 Byte)


Down Load my Article Regarding the TR7 Published in QST April 2009

The Drake TR7 is still a remarkable good transceiver compared with a lot of modern transceivers.
Also the TR7 is very simple to operate, no complex menus, and easy to service and to maintain. It has also good intermodulation specifications.
So I acquired via the internet in Germany  and Holland some TR7 transceivers for approx. $150  each and all in working condition.
Of course has the now more then 30 years old TR7 some disadvantages:

  • The PTO is drifting continuously
  • Ugly, very heavy and big power supply has same dimensions of TR7
  • No Notchfilter
  • Sensitivity on the higher bands is some times to low
  • No speech processor
  • No DSP noise reduction
  • No tune button on the front
  • Key jack on the back of the transceiver
  • Bulbs in s meter and analogue dial
  • Phase noise VCO 116 dBc @ 10 KHz

Improvements made:

  • New small power supply
  • built in Notchfilter
  • Built in speech processor
  • Tune facility on the front
  • Built in Pre amplifier like R7
  • Key jack at the front of TR7
  • DAFC ( drift correction  for the PTO)
  • Bulbs replaced by LED’s
  • Blower replaced  by  a very quiet 12 Volts one
  • Temperature switch mounted on the heatsink to switch in the blower in at 40 degrees Celsius
  • Blower direction changed for better efficiency
  • Restyled modern and professional housing
  • Mechanical changes front panel  height increases with 15 mm
  • New large Led display
  • New top cover and under cover
  • Design Microphone in same style of the renewed TR7

Down Load the de complete renvovation story in English written by DK4DDS in pdf format 2 MB:

Herunterladen Sie die ganze eneuerungs Gesichte von Drake TR7 geschrieben vom DK4DDS im pdf Format 2 MB

Click on this Link             www.wb4hfn.com/DRAKE/DrakeArticles/THE_DRAKE_TR7_RENEWED.pdf







Voranschit des Netzteils für TR7 mit eingebautes Lautsprecher

power_supply1.jpg (29297 bytes)

Front Side Power Supply with built in speaker for TR7



Obenseite des Netzteils

power_supply2.jpg (26389 bytes)

Top Side Power Supply




Innenleben Netzteil TR7 Obenseite

innen-leben_netzteil-oben.jpg (42474 bytes)

Top View  of Inside of the Power Supply TR7




Innenleben Netzteil TR7 Untenseite

innen_leben_netzteil_unten.jpg (59941 bytes)

Bottom View of the Inside of the Power Suply TR7



Hintenseite Netzteil

rear_power_supply.jpg (42372 bytes)

Rear Side Power Supply TR7



20 dB Pre amplifier for driver 100 Watt Mosfet PA +10 dBm out

20db-verstärker.jpg (32278 Byte)

20 dB Vorverstärker für Treiber 100 Watt PA +10 dBm ausgangs Pegel



100 Watt Mosfet PA for TR7

100watt_mosfet_pa_tr7.jpg (40742 Byte)

100 Watt Mosfet Endstufe für TR7


DSP Eingebaut
dsp_built_in.jpg (61467 Byte)

DSP Built in





DAFC Eingebaut
dafc_built_in.jpg (69648 Byte)

DAFC Built in

Ciruit Digram DAFC



TR7 PTO Replaced by DDS VFO
tr7_front_ready_for _dds_assembly.jpg (53362 Byte) dds_tr72_built_in.jpg (78675 Byte)
TR7 PTO Ersätzt durch DDS



TR7 PTO Replaced by DDS VFO-2
dds-front-tr7-2.jpg (16948 Byte) dds-tr7-2.jpg (16556 Byte)
TR7 PTO Ersätzt durch DDS-2



First Full System Test with DDS and New Display
first_full_system_test_dsp.jpg (51626 Byte)



Innnenleben mit die neue Modulen unten in TR7
unter_seite_tr7.jpg (93696 bytes)

Bottom Side TR7 almost finished



Sprachprozessor Bauteileseite
sprachprozessor_oben.jpg (57561 bytes)

Speech Processor Component Side



Sprachprozessor Lötseite
sprachprozessor_unten.jpg (54053 bytes)

Speech Processor Solder Side




Für Speech Processor Geänderte Transmitter Exiter Leiterplatte TR7
DSC00411.jpg (47520 bytes)

Transmitter Exiter Board TR7 Modified For Speech Processor





Notchfilter Original Design PA0CHN
notch_filter_oben.jpg (50718 bytes)

Notch Filter Component Side

Circuit Diagram Notch Filter/Schaltbild Notchfilter
PCB Notch Filter





LNA Eingebaut (Low Noise Amplifier)
lna_tr7_eingebaut.jpg (72979 Byte)

LNA built in (Low Noise Amplifier) pre amplifier






LED Hintenbeleuchtung vonn das S-meter
led_s-meter.jpg (68212 bytes)

LED backlight for  S-Meter TR7



led_lamp_compleet.jpg (39977 bytes)





Orignal Sicherungshalter ersätz durch ein Sicherungshalter 5 x 20 mm
new_fuse.jpg (63742 bytes)

Fuseholder & Fuse replaced by a 5 x 20 mm Fuseholder




Neu seite Wände
side-panels.jpg (85230 Byte)

New Side Panels





Erhöhung von TR7
front_extension_key.jpg (20148 Byte)

Front Exstention



Front subassembly
front_panel_sub_assembly front_view.jpg (13984 Byte)

Frontplate SubAssembly




Erneute TR7 im Anbau
pa1hfo_tr7_ngh2_nichtlackiert.jpg (27207 bytes)

Renewed TR7 under construction



TR7 fertig

tr7_new_display.jpg (72615 Byte)

TR7 finished



PTO ausgetauscht durch DDS Platine im RV7
dds_remote_internal.jpg (18266 Byte)

PTO RV7 replaced by DDS PCB



RV7-DDS fertig
dds_remote2.jpg (17205 Byte)

RV7-DDS finished


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