Restoration of the Sony ICF-6800W - nr 7 (1980)

1. OLD

I bought this ICF-6800WA (ORANGE) on US Ebay. Unobtanium in Europe.

- no PLL lock in SW1, rest ok
- no meter movement
- grease, dirt (lots) and paint on front panel

2. NEW

a. Clean with water and soap (I dont like to work on a dirty radio).

The paint was hard to remove and unfortunately the solvent has left some marks on the front panel (around the orange text mainly).

b. Start disassembly

Never opened!

c. Contact clean all switches and pots.

d. Meter problem - carefully take the meter apart and align meter mechanism. See other radio repairs.

e. PLL problem on SW1 range. I first thought that this was an alignment issue, but I could not get it fixed. So I inspected all cap values etc, but these were ok too. It turned out the band switch 0/1/2 was not perfect, causing a C to remain // without possibility to align. A few more puffs of cleaner did the trick.

f. Alignment as per service manual




About 2 hours cleaning  and 2 hour alignment.

Sensivity: MDS at 14,1 MHz was a whopping -142dBm using the signal generator on the PL input.

There are small but smart differences with the 6800W - small mechanical and electrical stuff that seems to improve the radio quite a lot (local/dx switch, more intelligent wiring, screws better placed etc.). By far my best 6800, also nice on MW!


Serial number 30651.