Restoration of the Sony ICF-6700L - nr 2 (1979)

1. OLD

I bought this ICF-6700L on Ebay, cause you don't see them too often. It was advertized as perfect and indeed it looked like it. My bid was a lot below buy-it-now but the seller still accepted. There was some dirt and the battery compartment was not 100%, but some effort had been done to clean the radio. All lettering intact and all switches were fine = this unit has seen little use! On shortwave, it sounded like something was oscillating though, or at least a bit restless.

2. NEW


Having fun on 40 meters amateur band

a. Clean with water and soap
b. Upon providing the radio with a decent ground oscillation went away and upon testing this radio sounded very fine on all bands... I haven t done any further lab work on it.


None really.


Very nice unit... having long wave instead of AFC is interesting. I used it for a while as amateur receiver and apart from having little selectivity, it is very comfortable to listen to.


Good documentation is hard to find. BAMA scans are low quality. Here are good scans of schematic and components:

schematic diagram Sony ICF-6700L
component placement Sony ICF-6700L

Interestingly, this radio has built-in provisons for an external FM antenna on the MW antenna input. A 15pF C connects to the FM input circuit. This is not found on the 6700W.

Serial number 22585