Equipment in the lab of ON1CFX 

I am available if you want to test and measure.

For the moment I can only measure frequency (+/- 32 GHz, +/- 0.1 ppb) and power (+/- 20 Ghz, -70 dBm to + 40 dBm).
These two setups should be accurate. All stuff is reviewed using calibrated instruments. I am working on sweeper and
spectral analysis capabilities. I acquired some sweepers and a synthesiser as well as an old 8555a.... more later.

It is increasingly difficult to find good stuff. Here is where I found mine and what I paid. You should not pay more I think.
Most times I am on the high side myself. But hey, who can resist all these blinking lights.

Test and Measurement Equipment                                      
VENDOR    TYPE       DESCRIPTION                        FREQUENCY    FOUND    PRICE (EUR)  Remarks
HP        436a       Power Meter                        NA           EBAY                  HPIB
HP        8484A      Power Sensor -70 to -20 dBm        DC-18                   
HP        11708A     Reference Attenuator               0.05                  430       
HP        5343A      Microwave Counter                  DC-26.5      EBAY    1000          HPIB, oven, limiter
HP        5344A      Source Synchronizer                DC-26.5      EBAY     312          HPIB
HP        3801A      GPS controlled reference           NA           EBAY     300       
HP        8493B/3    SMA Reference Attenuator 3 dB      DC-18        EBAY           
HP        8493B/6    SMA Reference Attenuator 6 dB      DC-18                   
HP        8493B/10   SMA Reference Attenuator 10 dB     DC-18                   
HP        8493B/20   SMA Reference Attenuator 20 dB     DC-18                  52       
Weinschel 23-60-34   N Reference Attenuator 60 dB / 10W DC-18        Hamfest   50       
Narda     4375GF     SMA Termination / 10W              DC-18        MUD       10       
Narda     562        N DC Block                         0.01-12.5    EBAY      23       
Microlab  HR-D18     N DC Block                         0.01-18      EBAY      10