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For the proper operation  Alpha 87a Communication
you need to update your Linear Amplifier to:

AlphaMAX firmware (Ver 1.00AT) 

Alpha 87a Communication can be used either stand alone to control the Alpha 87a amplifier or together with several CAT-Control programs to use the frequency settings of the transceiver for setting band and segment of the amplifier. For some programs you need to install the additional Comm Server, for DXLab Comm Server is not necessary (see below).

Connecting an individual TRX to Alpha 87a Communication by the Omi Rig interface 

Connecting DX4Win Logger to Alpha 87a Communication by the SteppIR Interface of the DX4Win Logger

Setup of the N1MM Logger to Communicate with Alpha 87a Communication


Alpha 87a Communication may be used together with the utility Comm Server as interface between Kenwood (TS-450, TS-950SDX), Yaesu FT-2000, ICOM IC-7000, ICOM IC-7800 and the following logging programs:

To use this feature please download and install "CommServer"
Use the drop down menues for COM port settings and the selection of tranceiver and programs as shown below. 






Alpha 87a Communication


Main Window

      Alpha Control

      Alpha Control min.


    Comm Server TRX                                               DXLab Application



DXLab Connection

If you intend to use Alpha 87a Communication together with DXLab you have to start the DXLab application CI-V Commander prior to the Alpha 87a Communication.

If you start Alpha 87a Communication before the DXLab Application CI-V Commander is started you will get the following information.


After clicking "OK" you have 30 seconds time to start the CI-V Commander.

If Commander did not start you will get the following information. 

After clicking "OK"  Alpha 87a Communication will be stopped.
If you still want to use the program together with DXLab you have to re-do the process, i.e. 
start CI-V Commander first, then start Alpha 87a Commander again.

Com-Port Settings Alpha 87a Communication

Set the COM port using the drop down menus of the program. Any free COM port between 1 and 20 can be used.




    Standard: Com1, Speed: 4800, Parity: None, Databits: 8, Stopbits: 1 




Main Program Window

  Alpha Control min.   

         Ham Radio Deluxe  TX VFO selection by Pushbutton

Field "Linear"

The Field Linear consists of six pushbuttons with the same function as the switches on the amplifier front panel.


Field Frequency Selection

The first box is the "Band" selection (MHz). With the Mouse and a click onto the arrow in the box, the band information will be indicated. A click onto the band-frequency will select the band. The second box is the "Segment" selection. With a click onto the arrow in the "Segment" box, the "Segment" information will be displayed. A click onto the "Segment" frequency will select the frequency range of that Segment.


Field Linear Autotune

If the linear is updated with the feature „Alpha Max“ the automatic fine tuning of the plate circuit can be switched on. The pushbutton „Autotune“ will switch on this feature (push button will change the colour to red). On the front panel of the linear amplifier Alpha 87a the Led of the pushbutton „Default“ will flash .
A second push to the button „Autotune“ will switch off the Autotune feature again. The pushbutton „Autotune“ is now green. The Led on the linear will stop flashing.  

Meter Panel

The Meter Panel can be arranged either horizontally or vertically by adjusting the vertical or horizontal size of the window






The Diagnosis Windows will allow you to communicate direct with the Alpha Linear Amplifier which is very convenient for trouble shooting. The diagnosis menu will be opened by clicking "Program" --> "Diagnosis".



The diagnosis window will give you the following standard information of the linear

  • Data code
  • Serial number
  • Sfault: The last 8 soft faults of the linear
  • Hfault: The last 8 hard faults of the linear

A list of soft- and hard faults can be found in the Alpha 87a manual.

The window "Send to Alpha 87a" allows you to send "Remote Commands" to the linear as there are listed in the manual of the linear amplifier. Each command must be finished by the keyboard entry "Return".  
    open coplete Comm-Window


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