Database Manager: Daniel, LU9DPD

Store your location in HAM-Worldmap in Decimal

Please use only DECIMAL location format. (Example East 8.3421, Nord 47.0342)
Enter your Call
Location Longitude
Location Latitude

Please enter ONLY the official CALLSIGN. For example:
HB9TLK, or (holiday QTH) PY/HB9TLK, or (repeater) HB9ZF/R


Store your location in HAM-Worldmap in Deg'Min'Sec

Please use only Deg Min Sec location format. (Example East 8 27' 36'', Nord 47 23'53'' )
Enter your Call
Location Longitude Deg Min Sec
Location Latitude Deg Min Sec


See your location with Google Earth

- Start Google Earth.
- menue  -> "ADD" -> "Network Link"
- Enter: 
        in the "LOCATION" field. 
- Click "OK".

- Now, the "PLACES" window should have an entry
        "Google Earth - New Network Link"
        double-click it.

for detailed instructions CLICK HERE

IF you did load the network link before entering your data you will be able to check your position by :
"right-click" "Google Earth - New Network Link" and select "refresh".
If this doesent work you will have to wait an hour and try again. (Sometimes the file gets cashed by a proxy)

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