Zürichsee - Award
In order to activate contacts with radio amateurs
around the lake of Zurich, the Lake of Zurich Section of the Union of Swiss Shortwave Amateurs (USKA) has established an award which can be acquired by licensed amateurs. Regulations apply to SWL'S accordingly. The award which is a full colour print is issued for contacts on all shortwave bands and also for contacts above 144 Mcs.


1. The object of the award is to contact radio amateurs living in towns
bordering the lake of Zürich or adhering to the Lake of Zürich Section of the USKA. A list of all towns is supplied below.

2. Each of the cantons (counties) bordering the lake of Zürich, namely the cantons of Zürich, Schwyz and St. Gall, must be contacted at least once. A contact which the club station, HB9D, can be substituted for any one missing canton.

3. Terrestrian repeater contacts are not valid.

4. For the SW-award Swiss stations haveto account for at least 10, european stations at 5 and non-european stations at least 3 contacts with different stations.

5. For the VHF/UHF award above 144 Mc, Swiss stations have to work at least 10, foreign stations at least 5 stations.

6. All contacts after 01.01.1979 are valid.

7. The fee is 10 IRC's or SFr. 10.-

8. The log extract, verified and signed by two licensed radio amateurs must be submitted to the award manager,

Award Manager: Ernst Brennwald HB9IRI
Bergstrasse 195 CH 8707 Uetikon


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List of town bordering the lake of Zürich

Canton of Zürich: Zürich, Zollikon,Goldbach,Küsnacht, Erlenbach, Herrliberg, Feldmeilen, Meilen, Uetikon, Männedorf, Stäfa, Uerikon, Hombrechtikon, Feldbach, Kilchberg, Rüschlikon, Thalwil, Oberrieden, Horgen, Au, Wädenswil, Richterswil.

Canton of Schwyz: Bäch, Wollerau, Freienbach, Pfäffikon, Altendorf, Lachen,Nuolen, Wangen, Tuggen,

Canton of St. Gall: Jona, Rapperswil, Bollingen, Schmerikon.