Our Power plant

We operate here obove an alternative additional power generation
to use by means of solar panels around the solar power.

Our alternative current supply:
4 solar panels with 75 Wp, 6 solar panels with 50 Wp. These solar cells cover approx. 70% of the power requirement .
Additionally we still have a Diesel generator with a performance of 8 KVA, if we need more energie ...

Thus the solar generators are located in the area.

heavy- current switch, on the left of the sinus-wave voltage transducers, on the right of the information-board with tension and ampere-meter and safety devise.

The weak-current switch-board with solar automatic controller and DC/DC transducer.
Solarenergie storage: Varta batteries. 12 cells with each a capacity of 1500 Amp./h.

And if the power system is missing for a longer period.... the 3-cylinder Diesel generator with 8 KVA maximum performance.

      The inside of the generator.The tensions: 3 x 230 volt and 1 x 400 volt of 3 phases extremely quiet ( 90 db). Diesel engine Lister Petter. Supplier and service by the company Hamilton AG CH-8306 Brütisellen.


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