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These pages are devoted to my amateur radio interests. These are microwaves, EME and experimentation, which in these days seem to be a dying art. I am now at Leicester University studying for my PHD which is studying HF propagation in northern lattitudes.

I have written software that can be used to track satellites (MTrack), display beacons and microwaves paths (Baken, UKW Tools, GL) and for EME and Meteor Scatter (WS Tools).

I returned to the UK at the in October 2008. My HB9DRD callsign has now expired, and I never had a reciprocal callsign in Belgium. All QSL cards for my operation as HB9DRD were sent out in the summer of 2003, that is not true of my G4KLX QSL cards. My address in the UK has been the same since 1989 and is good in all callbooks that I know of.

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Last modified on 15.09.2010