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Beacon Reception at DL5SFC

Reception of the IARU/NCDXF International Beacon Project beacons.

Location: Balingen, Germany. JN48KG
Latitude: N48 20.77 , Longitude: E8 43.62'.

The receiver is a Kenwood TS-480 ,500hz DSP Filter. The antenna is a homemade double Bazooka Inverted V for 18Mhz and 29Mhz . On the other Bands a vertikal DeltaLoop with 40meter wire is in use.My location is about 620m NN and there exists only a  low level of manmade noise.

Data is uploaded every 15 minutes, and the Site will be automatically refreshed.

I created this Site by using these simple instructions .

 If you would like to create a web page to monitor beacon reception from your location, it is not difficult. Just follow these Link .

Other Beacon Monitoring web pages are linked from the International Beacon Project Monitors site.

NEWS: Every Problem fixed , monitoring now online.


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