Zerbst, JO 61 AX

I was born in Zerbst. It is located about 80 west of Berlin. I lived here until 1991 before I moved to Bad Pyrmont (near Hannover). Unfortunately I am not very often here.


- FB53, 5-element beam for 10m, 15m and 20m

- (wire)dipole for 40m and 80m

- 23-element yagi horizontal and vertical for 23cm

- 10-element yagi horizontal for 2m

- 19-element yagi vertical for 70cm

- groundplane for 2m and 70cm


... all that on a 12m tower

My shack:

- TS450SAT

- IC7000

- TM742

- sometimes: transverter 6m <> 23cm


My new QTH in Switzerland:

I moved to Untersiggenthal / Switzerland in summer 2007. 

I did not set anything up here yet but I am active from HB9Q.