Gorch Fock

The "Gorch Fock" is the German Tall Ship #1. The ship was built in 1958 by the Blohm and Voss Shipyard in Hamburg, Germany. Five identical ships were built there and are collectively known as the "five sisters", they include: TOVARISCH (Russia), SAGRES II (Portugal), EAGLE (USA), MIRCEA (Romania) and even the GORCH FOCK (Germany). The ship now serves as a seagoing classroom for future officers of the German Navy. To maneuver the GoFo under sail, the crew has to handly more than 22,000 sqare feet of sail and five miles of rigging. Over 200 lines control the sails and yards, and every crew-member , cadet and officer candidate, must become intimately familiar with the name, operation, and function of each line. 

I have got the chance to work on the Sail Training Ship "Gorch Fock" during my time in the German Navy as a standing crew member. Here some facts and pictures about that wonderful time there. I was responsible for all kinds of electronical equipment like radar, transceiver, antennas, phone, GPS and all navigation systems. That was a very intresting job and a unforgetable time.

technical data

Length, overall 89,32m (295 ft.) Speed under power 10 knots
Beam, greatest 12,00m (39.6 ft.) Speed under sail 17 knots
Draft, fully loaded 4,85m (16.0 ft.) Standing crew members 78
Height of maintruck 45,00m (148.6 ft.) Number of cadets up to 160
Sail area 1954 qm (22227 sp. ft.) Displacement 1816 tons


Visited ports during my time


Mar Ponta Delgada (Azores, CU2)
Sep 22nd - Sep 26th London (UK, G)
Oct 10th - Oct 13th Agadir (Moroco, CN)
Oct 23rd - Nov 9th Malaga (Spain, EA7)
Nov 17th - Nov 21st Civitavecchia (Italy, IK)
Nov 27th - Dec 1st Cadiz (Spain, EA7)

May 1st - May 5th Copenhagen (Denmark, OZ)
May 22nd - May 26th Stockholm (Sweden, SM0)
May 29th - Jun 3rd Helsinki (Finland, OH)
Jun 5th - Jun 8th Tallin (Estonia, ES1)
Jun 15th - Jun 19th Oslo (Norway, LA)
Sep 18th - Sep 20th Den Helder (Netherlands, PA)
Sep 24th - Sep 28th Bordeaux (France, F)
Oct 7th - Oct 14th Cartagena (Spain, EA4)
Oct 23rd - Nov 9th Antalya (Turkey, TA4)
Nov 12th - Nov 17th Piräus (Greece, SV1)
Nov 26th - Nov 30th Alicante (Spain, EA5)

Aug 14th - Aug 16th Cuxhaven (Germany, DL)
Aug 27th - Sep 14th Lisboa (Portugal, CT)
Sep 27th - Sep 28th Tuzla (Turkey, TA2)
Oct 1st - Oct 5th Constanta (Romania, YO4)
Oct 11th - Oct 15th Poti (Georgia, 4L)
Oct 18th - Oct 19th Istanbul (Turkey, TA1)
Oct 28th - Nov 14th Venedig (Italy, IK3)
Dec 7th - Dec 9th Vigo (Spain, EA1)

May 3rd - May 7th Cadiz (Spain, EA7)
Jun 1st - Jun 4th Hamilton (Bermuda, VP9)
Jun 8th - Jun 12th Charleston, SC (USA, W4)
Jun 14th - Jun 21th Norfolk, VA (USA, W4)
Jun 23th - Jun 29th Baltimore, MD (USA, W3)
Jul 4th - Jul 9th New York (USA, W2)
Jul 26th - Jul 28th Cobh (Ireland, EI)
Jul 28th - Aug 1st Cork (Ireland, EI)
Aug 1st - Aug 2nd Cobh (Ireland, EI)
Aug 8th Wilhelmshaven (Germany, DL)