Some of my friends


 Heinrich DJ9YW the 1.3GHz specialist. You can still learn alot from him.

Andrč, called Marusha. He was one of the navigators on the "Gorch Fock". We had a lot of fun. He is an nautic officer at the AIDA now. I hopefully get the chance to go on tour at his ship.

Rene, DL2JRM

Thomas & Magda

               I            Thomas       Magda      Louisa

Rene, DL2JRM. I'm always on tour with him. He is a good CW operator (not as good as I ). Please pay atention to the beer can. "Where do we go next?"

That's me with my friend Thomas (Ernie). He is an good cook and worked on the GoFo too. Next to him, his girl friend Magda and my Louisa.

I know several friends with name Andreas. So I had to add an extension to the name. That is Andreas Cool Hair (because he is using tons of hair gel). I'm studying with him.

Daniel, DL5SE. I hope to go on DXpedition soon with that crazy guy.