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I was once more on a DXpedition in April 2006. My sister Kathrin, her husband Thomas and I were driving two weeks thru the Balkan-Countries such as Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Croatia. April was a perfect month for this vacation based on the climate, in addition to extra cargo space in my car or groceries that wont spoil. It was between 20 and 25C during the day and about 10 to 15C in the night. We slept in out tents except a few nights where we stayed in a hotel. We usually grilled on the evening. That way, we could also was us up on the fire place. To camp wild is not a problem in these countries. We always found a nice place to stay. Of course, I took my ham equipment on this tour.  Unfortunately I was not able to plan everything in advance and left for the trip knowing that I would still need a license in these DXCCs except T9. The only contact I had in advance was to Geni ZA1B, who offered me his help to get a license in Tirana. My plan was to go there anyway and try to get the license once I reached each destination. The two weeks vacation went over so quickly. We saw a lot of beautiful countryside and met nice people. JT65 worked good and showed once more its real potential. Many thanks for everybody who supported me so well. A special thank goes to Heinrich DJ9YW who made sure that I take the right equipment on my vacation. I made 2300 QSOs with my mobile antenna on short wave and 24 EME QSOs on 23cm.



We drove this way:

Via Zagreb (9A) to Beograd (YU), Skopje (Z3), Tirana (ZA), thru the South of Bosnia (T9) and along the beautiful coast in Croatia (9A) back home.

...about 3800km.




Camping in Macedonia, South of Skopje.   "Minimarket" in Albania.


Tirana at night.   Ham Radio from the coast of the Adriatic Sea (near Durres, ZA).


Downtown Shkoder.   One night in the scout house at the guys from YU4DPR.