Faeroe Islands










We take the ferry from Hanstholm (Denmark) to Faeroe Islands on April 21. There is a short stop on OY planned on April 23 from 0600z to 1700z. It is not confirmed yet that I may leave the ferry with my car but it looks pretty good. We then leave Faeroe and arrive at Iceland on April 24. The EME conditions are ok on April 24, 25 and 26. I will try to be QRV on these days from 1800z until 2100z. Depending on weather conditions I will use the yagi or the 1.8m dish. We are going to surround Iceland within one week and leave TF on May 2.  


Equipment for HF:

Rig: IC-7000

Antenna: DK3 (mobile antenna)

Mode: CW

Equipment for 23cm EME:


Rig: IC-7000

Transverter: BJ-250 (made by DJ9YW), ca. 80W @ Feed

Antenna: 1,8m dish  (24dBi Gain), 59element Yagi

Mode: JT65B + JT65C, (CW)


Date Moonset and moonrise to EU to NA My calll


1296.090MHz, I do TX first, JT65C

Monday, April23.

1100z... 1600z

1100z... 1600z 1500z... 1600z OY/DL3OCH, IP61 or IP62 1100... 1600z
Tuesday, April24.

1230z... 0300z(+)

QRV 17...21z

1230z... 0100z 1730z... 0300z TF/DL3OCH, IP15 or IP16 1800... 2100z
Wednesday, April25.

1400z... 0300z(+)

QRV 17...21z

1400z... 0100z 1830z... 0300z TF/DL3OCH, IP15 or IP16 1800... 2100z
Thursday, May26.

1600z... 0300z(+)

QRV 17... 21z

1600z... 0100z 1930z... 0300z TF/DL3OCH, IP05 or IP06 1800... 2100z