Next to the OC1I and OC6I DXpeditions 2007/08, there were also some EME activities planned. At first, I wanted to take only 23cm to Peru because there has never been any activity on that band so far. Later I decided to take 2m as well. My friend Jorge/OA4BHY is active operating via satellites already and he has been very intrested into EME. I therefore decided to help Jorge doing the first 23cm EME QSOs ever from Peru. My tried and tested portable EME equipment worked great during the first night of operation. Jorge did the first 23cm EME QSOs from Peru on December 27 in 2007. 


There were six more skeds in our kalendar. Unfortunately the transverter stopped working for the very first time. After activities from 35 squares and 23 DXCCs, the PLL does not lock anymore.   


We operated from San Bertolo, a bit South of Lima to escape from QRM.

Following stations could be logged from Jorge/OA4BHY:


Congrats to all these first ever QSOs!!!

Call sign: OA4BHY

Grid: FH17OO


Equipment 23cm EME:

Rig: IC-7000

Transverter: BJ-250 (made by DJ9YW), ca. 65W

Antenna: 59 Element (made by DJ9YW)

Mode:  JT65C




We started the preparations for the 2m EME activity right after our return from OC1I DXpedition. Our goal was it to do as many EME QSOs as possible before I have to leave Peru. Frank/DL8YHR and Lens/PA3CMC did an absolutely great job and helped us out with a 10emelent yagi and a 400W PA. We tested all the equipment and the entire setup the night before operation already. We were a few minutes on TX to ensure that all connections are right and that there is no interference between RF and the laptop. Next morning we were calling CQ about 10 minutes on the 144.100MHz in JT65B. Then, the PA went off. We heard something rattle in the PA while checking all connections. A loose coil from the RF output network was found. We assume it was soldered out due to too much heat. It took us an additional day to look for a solution. We now had the choice between no QSO or trying with QRP.

We decided to try EME at least with QRP power. Next morning came and we have set up 2m again. Frank/DL8YHR prepared the yagi just the way it should be for a DXpedition. It was so easy to assemble and set up. Frank also allowed to leave the yagi as donation in Peru. This was a gift that made Jorge happy. I could get at least one QSO in the log. KB8RQ was -25dB and the QSO was very quick.  

Call sign: OA/DL3OCH

Grid: FH17OO


Equipment 2m EME:

Rig: IC-706mkIIg

Antenna: 10 element yagi (made by DL8YHR)

Mode: JT65B




Additionally W7GJ was copied with a signal up to -22dB. We tried about 30minutes to get a confirmation but I guess we were just to weak with QRP.

That way, a frustrating 2m EME activity found its end. No reason to give up. I am really sorry for all the OMs that were hoping to work a new DXCC. I would have loved to make more QSOs. A special "thank you" goes to Frank/DL8YHR. He has spend a lot of time for preparation and on top of that he gave the yagi as a donation and could not even QSO us. I hope to make some more QSOs during my next visit in Peru.