IK4, IA5/


Elba Island, EU-028


Special thanks to Heinrich (DJ9YW) and Erich (OE9ERC) for supporting this DXpedition!!!!!!

I operated from Elba Island EU-028 in the IOTA contest this year. Last year I was active from Lido di Venezia EU-131 and reached the 9th place in my category. All that with a mobile antenna only. But the bands were sometimes so full (especially 40m) that I couldn't here anything with the IC706. I used the TS450 that is much better. But it needs a full charged battery to get enough voltage. Therefor my signal might sound chirpy from time to time. However, thank you for everybody who called me in the contest! 

I also took the EME equipment there and was able to confirm a new grid for DJ9YW and OE9ERC on 23cm.




RIG: TS-450S  

ANT: DK3 (mobile antenna)



RIG: IC-706 + Transverter (by DJ9YW)

PWR: 83 Watt at dipole

ANT: 59 element, 19.7dB

July 23 in 

JN 52DT (Italy, Elba Island, EU-028, IA5/DL3OCH)



July 25 on the way back home QRV from

JN 44 VX (Italy, IK4/DL3OCH)


Frequency was the 1296.275 MHz. There was a lot of QRM on the 23cm band.