DXpedition for RSGB IOTA Contest 2008.

I was QRV from Sainte-Marguerite on July 26.-27. It is the biggest Island of the group Îles de Lérins. For the first time, I attended to the IOTA contest in the category "DXpedition, Single OP, unassisted, CW, 12h, QRP".It seems like I chosed the right island group for the contest. I could make 730 QSOs, 710 QSOs were done during the contest. Thanks to all who worked me. Unfortunately most of the bigger DXpeditions did not hear me. I therefor worked only a few multis. My laptop died shortly after the contest started so I had to log almost all the QSOs on paper.

Island: Sainte-Marguerite

IOTA: EU-058

MIA: MF-028

Grid: JN33MM



Rig: IC-706

Ant: monoband Vertical for 15m, 17m, 20m, 40m

Power: abt. 4W

...ETM9c, car battery, Laptop, antenna analyzer (Funkamateur)