Krk Island, EU-136

CI-046, CI-117


I operated from Croatia on 28th and 29th of July 2005. I have activated the small island Sveni Marko (CI-117) where there is a tiny lighthouse CRO-162 as well. Of course, the islands CI-046 and CI-117 are not really rare but the major reason for my trip to 9A was the EME activity. I will activate many more small islands and I already did some research. Therefore some tiny islands will be on the air end of August or beginning of September. 

The tiny lighthouse CRO-162 on Sveni Marko.

Here is a small parking place for the service staff that works on that bridge. It is not the best place for hf operations but it still worked and I could use my mobile station in the car. 






Sveni Marko Island, EU-136,  CI-117



I did five EME QSOs from 9A. Two of it were in the night from JN75. The other three QSOs were "high noon" from JN74. It was unbelievable hot out there. There was absolutely no wind and no shade. I was so glad to jump in the water after that was done. I had to put this additional fan on the back of the transverter that I could still operate. Unfortunately did it not really help a lot so Heinrich has to maintain the transverter by now. However, DJ9YW, OE9ERC and K2UYH can be happy about a new one on 23cm in theire logbook.