I was working in Nigeria to set up a new radio station for "Voice Of Nigeria". This gave me the opportunity to activate another DXCC.  There is an online log available.

I was QRV on all bands in the modes CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31 and JT65. I had the chance to use the commercial broadcasting antennas for ham radio. The antenna farm consists of a curtain antenna into direction EU (0degrees) and another array to NA (285degrees). This gave me 19... 23dBi gain on all bands from 15m to 30m.


From October I was active with one of the largest rotatable HF antennas in the world. This HP-RCA has more than 20dBi gain on all frequencies between 5.9 to 26.1MHz. This antenna is the ultimate dream of an DXer. Within short time I worked more than 200DXCCs. This baby is 80m high, weights more than 200 tons and rotates in about three minutes into each direction. 




Other than this huge antenna, I have the following setup:




TS-450SAT, IC-706mkIIg (for RTTY)


IC-7000 (in my appartement)



10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m: Spiderbeam on 10m mast

30m, 40m: Vertical

80m, 160m: Vertical (18m)


MP1 (in my appartement)


ITU: 46

WAZ: 35

QTH: near Abuja

Locator: JJ 38 qx

Thats me in my container. This picture shows me during operation on 2m as 5N0EME.