Here some information about 5N0EME. I cannot be QRV all night long. Operating in the night attracts thousands of bugs and mosquitoes which makes it not very pleasent to operate. During the week, I have to work. Please note my announcements on www.mmmonvhf.de to see when I am where QRV. This activity is valid for DXCC.

There is sometimes very heavy storm and rain over here. I therefore (and for safety reason) have to put my EME antenna back into my container after using it. So, its not just switching on and operating. I dont want my yagi looking like my spiderbeam after the storm (look at 5N0OCH).

There is a online log at www.mmmonvhf.de that I update every night after operating. All QSL cards via DL3OCH.

I want to thank my following friends that provided some equipment: DJ9YW, HB9CRQ (head of HB9Q), DL8YHR, DL8EBW. I would not be equipped so excellent without that help.


ITU: 46

WAZ: 35

QTH: near Abuja

Locator: JJ 38 QX




2m equipment:

Rig: IC-706mkIIG

Ant: 10 element yagi (can adjust H or V)

PreAmp: MHP145

Amp: by I0JXX, 400W

Sequencer: DCW-2004


Mode: JT65B (TX first)

Frequency: 144.100 MHz (+/-10kHz)


I am on N0UK logger while operating. Please call me only if you hear me. I call you up to three times. If there is no reply, I call the next station and might try it later again.

70cm equipment:

Rig: IC-706mkIIG (for JT65B), IC-7000 (for CW)

Ant: 21 element yagi (can adjust H and V)

PreAmp: no

Amp: Mirage, 100W


Mode: JT65B (TX first), CW

Frequency: 432.070 MHz


I am on the HB9Q logger while operating. I did not set a high priority on 70cm. I just collect some skeds and then operate for maybe an hour. My RX is really very bad. I therefore can work only QRO stations.





23cm equipment:

Rig: IC-706mkIIG with transverter (by DJ9YW)

Ant: 2.4m Spiegel with Patch-Feed (self made after W0LMD)

PreAmp: no

Power: about 90W


Mode: JT65C (TX first), CW

Frequency: TX on 1296.090 MHz, RX on my own echo (!!!)


I am on HB9Q logger while operating. I have to move the dish manually. This may lead to some QSB. Since moving the antenna every five minutes and operating is quite some work, I am QRV only for some hours and then stop. Please be patient and check the newsletter and my announcments about my activities.

I will call in JT65C only. If I hear someone in CW, I will answer in CW but I will work JT65 as long as there are stations calling.