Republika Crna Gora


I was active from the Republic of  Montenegro in October and November 2006. On the way there, I activate Bosnia-Herzegovina as T9/DL3OCH (JN92EP, near Trebinje) once more on EME but this time on 70cm. Unfortunately Jans (DL9KR) signal was a little bit to weak. I just saw it in SpecJT with -24dB which is to weak for a CW QSO. At least one QSO with Dan (HB9Q) was completed in CW. In Montenegro I did EME on both 23cm and 70cm. Special thanks to Ranko (YT6A) who made it possible that I have received the nice callsign 4O6EME. I stayed in his nice contest station for five days. I did about 2200 QSOs on short wave, 8 EME QSOs on 23cm and 1 EME QSO on 70cm. There was one more EME activity on the way home where I did 5 more QSOs on 23cm from JN83DO (near Split, Croatia).

Other than EME, I was very active on the short wave bands in CW.



QSL card printed by Elli

antenna farm



EME on 23cm from the roof of the building


it's me in the shack

Equipment for HF:

Rig: FT-1000 Mark-V field

PA: Kenwood TL-922


- 5 element for 10m

- 4 over 4 over 4 element for 15m

- 3 over 3 over 3 element for 20m

- 5 element for 20m

- 5 element 3-band beam (10m, 15m, 20m)

- 2 element for 40m

- 5 element for 40m

- 2 element for 80m

- Dipole for 80m

- Slooper for 160m

Mode: CW

Equipment for 23cm EME:


Rig: IC-7000

Transverter: BJ-250 (made by DJ9YW), ca. 96W

Antenne: 59 Element (made by DJ9YW)

Mode: JT65B + JT65C


Equipment for 70cm EME:


Rig: IC-706mkIIG

PA: HL-130U (ca. 120W)

Antenne: 22 Element (DJ9BV style)

Mode: CW + JT65B