of Monaco

Rig TS-450SAT, IC-706, IC-7000  
Ant DK3 (mobile antenna for 10m-160m)
QTH Harbour of Monte-Carlo
Grid JN33RR
Lighthouses MON-001, MON-002




Feb 3rd - Feb 5th


Oct 20th - Oct 21st


April 16th - April 18th

First QSO 3A <-> DL on 23cm, Low-band activities




Jan 5th -Jan 9th

Lowband activities

Mar 26th - Mar 29th

First QSO 3A <-> OE on 23cm, Low-band activities


Mar 4th, October 1st



March 21st - March 24th

First QSO 3A <-> HB9, G, OK, W, PA, ES


July 25


I operate from the harbour of Monte-Carlo. I am closer than 1000m to both lighthouses of Monaco. There is a clear visibility to them. Therefore my operations count as activation of the lighthouses MON-001 and MON-002.

Make sure to check out the ARLHS website for awards and more information.

In the right picture you can see my car with the mobile antenna directly next to the lighthouse (road not always accessible).




Monaco is not really ham-radio friendly. There were some activities from hotels but some OMs didn't leave the hotel how they should. Therefore, the hotel managers do not like to give a permission to set up antennas anymore. There is no camping site and it is not even allowed to enter 3A with a camping trailer. Additionally there is no space for antennas. The streets are very narrow, crowded and surrounded by high buildings. I always used my mobile antenne which works on all hf bands. I also used a fishing rod as a vertical and  fastened it at a road sign or a parking meter. But the local police is attentively and arrested me cause ham radio. They were told that my german licence is not valid in Monaco. I had to answer many questions from several officers (everybody asked the same) and I had to show my equipment. However, they have let me go and I am now using my mobile antenna only. It works on all bands but the efficiency on the lowbands is low. However, more than 1000 QSOs on the low bands are actually not to bad.  

The propagation conditions in direction East and South are good but extremely bad to West and North. There are only a few NA stations in the log. The high mountains make it almost impossible to do contacts with North-West. Look at the picture above to see how it looks in direction West. The picture to the left shows a narrow street with view to the North.

Many stations from the US requested a sched but the conditions are really bad toward W. Look at the pictures and try to understand how difficult it is to operate from 3A.

I recommend to get a written permission if you consider to operate from 3A. It should to be something from the telecommunication authority in Monaco. I know that it is supposed to be enough to call there and mention the location and the duration of activity. But nobody ever cared for that. The local police was never intrested to see my german licence that is valid there as well. I wrote a letter to the telecommunication authority and received an e-mail from Mister Raoul Viora (Le Directeur du Controle des Concessions et des Telecommunications). I just printed it out and everybody was satisfied.

Another nice option for you to become QRV from Monaco is using the QTH of Laura 3A2MD. The has a small bed&breakfast and you may also use her radio station. Look at Lauras website and just ask if the room is free for you.


band statistic, 5056 QSOs total



First ever 3A - DL, OE, HB9, G, OK, W, PA, ES on 23cm !!!!


First ever 3A - HB9 on 70cm !!!


23cm EME

First ever with DJ9YW, OE9ERC, HB9Q, G4CCH, OK1DFC, K2UYH, PA3CSG and ES6RQ!

70cm EME

First ever with HB9Q!