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In November 2010 I have been started with the construction of my first SDR Tansceiver.
The transceiver is based on the Transceiver published in the German Funkamateur Magazine.(Funkamateur)

Design goals for my SDR transceiver:

  • Service friendly

  • Enough space for future modifications

  • Easy to be modfied

  • Modular construction

  • Built in Power Supply (no switch mode)

  • Modern 100 Watt Mosfet PA with professional Mosfets

  • Built into a homebrew 19 " enclosure

  • Automatic Band Switching

  • Dedicated computer only be used for the transceiver

  • Should base on a Mini ITX running on at least 3 GHz and I-Core processor

  • Computer should be built in to a separated enclosure in the same style of the transceiver to over come noise problems

  • Computer should has a same style enclosure as the transceiver

  • Computer should have built in power supply for 230 V and able to run on 12 V- 24 DC as well

  • 4 GB of memory to be in the future to 8 GB for running under windows 7.0

  • minimum of 12 x USB Buses

  • at least one standard Serial bus

Im November 2010 sind wir angefangen mit der bau einem SDR Transceiver, Das Konzept is basiert auf die Transceiver veröffentlicht in Funkamateur. Mein version wird in ein eigenbau 19 Zoll Gehause eingebaut zusammen mit 25 A 13.8 V DC Netzteil, Moderne 100 Watt Mosfet Endstufe mit automatischer Bandwahl.

Pictures of the the 19 " enclosure under construction
sdr_one_1.jpg (62824 Byte)

sdr_one_2.jpg (44364 Byte)

sdr_one_3.jpg (63035 Byte)

sdr_one_4.jpg (54986 Byte)

  Circuit Diagram 20A Power Supply   Schaltbild Netzteil 20Amp

L200 ,13.8 V 20 amp power supply_ovp.JPG (517190 Byte)

Down Load Circuit Diagram    Schaltbild herunterladen

sdr_one_6.jpg (36560 Byte)

sdr_one_7.jpg (21819 Byte)

sdr_one_enclosure_1.jpg (26001 Byte)

The FA SDR transceiver board is placed in the DK4DDS assembly fixture and the through hole components are place on to the board.
Die FA SDR Leiterplatte ist in der DK4DDS Bestückungsadaptor plaziert und die Durchsteck-Bauteilen   werden bestückt.

sdr_one_9-assembly_1.jpg (64349 Byte)

sdr_one_11_assembly_component _side2.jpg (57454 Byte)

The through hole components are soderded and cutted at the soldering side (bottom)of the pcb.
Das Löten und Schneiden von die Durchsteck-Bauteilen.

sdr_one_12_pcb_in _fixture_soldering_cutting_throughole_components.jpg (81404 Byte)

sdr_one_13_pcb_in _fixture_soldering_cutting_throughole_components.jpg (85532 Byte)

DK4DDS Front for the FA SDR Transceiver Module(FA SDR PCB)

sdr_one_10_front.jpg (25513 Byte)

Synthesizer under test & Calibration (Placed in Test Fixture)

sdr_one_14_synthesiser_under_test.jpg (81940 Byte)

Calibration with accurate Frequncy Counter
sdr_one_15_synthesiser_under_calibration.jpg (62131 Byte)
Set Up Software for calibrating the Synthesizer

sdr_one_16_synthesiser_under_calibration.jpg (39871 Byte)

FA SDR TRX   PCB under Test

sdr_one_1_FA-SDR_PCB_under_test.jpg (234064 Byte)

sdr_one_1_FA-SDR_PCB_under_test4.jpg (285640 Byte)

sdr_one_1_FA-SDR_PCB_under_test2.jpg (220048 Byte)

My dedicated SDR ONE Computer

Mini ITX DH57JG Board with 3. Ghz Intel I3 Core  540 Processor 12 X USB, 4 GB Memory, Running under Windows XP, 450 GB Hard Disk. The baord has an integrated soundcard with sampling rates of 48000, 96000 and 19200 Khz, Built in Power Supply 230 V AC and also capable to run from 12- 24 DC sources.

sdr_one_conroller_3.5GHz.jpg (55569 Byte)

sdr_one_screen.jpg (81580 Byte)

The receiver section is runnng now FB

Circuit Diagram10 Watt Mosfet Driver for 100 Watt Mosfet PA

mosfet_treiber_tr7.jpg (135049 Byte)

10 Watt Mosfet Treiber für 100 Watt Mosfet Endstufe

Down Load:  Circuit Diagram 10 Watt Driver  Schaltbild 10 Watt Driver in PDF Format

This PA is availbe as a kit by QRP PROJECT in Berlin Germany www.qrpproject.de


sdr_one_10_watt-mosfet_driver.jpg (78930 Byte)

sdr_one_10watt_mosfet_driver-under_test.jpg (66484 Byte)


100 Watt Mosfet PA for TR 7


Circuit Diagram 100 Watt Mosfet PA

100watt-mosfet_endstufe_sdr_one_12_02_2010.JPG (252259 Byte)

Schaltbild 100 Watt Mosfet Endstufe

Down Load  Circuit Diagarm in PDF Format /Herunterladen Sie das Schaltbild  100 Watt Endstufe in PDF

100watt_sdr_pa.jpg (37772 Byte)

zijaanzicht_100watt_mosfet_pa_sdr_one.jpg (73315 Byte)


Do you need your proto type PCB's ( double and single sided) at very competive prices prices ?

Have a look at the right place!

Visit: www.platinenbelichter.de or sent an E-mail to info@platinenbelichter.de


Sie brauchen müster entweder einzel Platinen ?

Einseitig beschichtet entweder Doppleseitig beschichtetfür super gunstige Preisen !

besuchen Sie  www.platinenbelichter.de oder senden Sie ein E-mail an  info@platinenbelichter.de

100watt_mosfe_tpa-sdr_one.JPG (535380 Byte)

Down Load Construction Details of Transformer T2

Down Load Viewer Sprint Layout 5.0 to print and view the PCB Lay Outs

Down Load the 100 Watt Mosfet Sprint Layout PCB File

Down Load the Bill of Materials of the 100 Watt Mosfet PA

Automatic Band Decoder for Switching the Low Pass filters of the 100 Watt Mosfet PA
If have first tested my Mosfet PA and Low Pass Filters by switching the relays of the Low Pass filters manually due the fact it  is not able to this direct with the Power SDR   Software and my   hardware. So have made  this small PIC controller to over come this problem. The PIC controller will measure very fast  the RFoutput frequency of the PA and selects  the right low pass filters. This concept you will find also in external transistor and Mosfet Amplifiers.

If you want to receive the software for the PIC mail me dk4dds@t-online.de

pic-switch-sdr-one-19-05-2011.JPG (20468 Byte)
Download the Circuit Diagram in PDF format
Down Load the Circuit Diagram in S-Plan 7.0 format
Herunterladen Sie das Schaltbild in PDF Format
Herunterladen Sie das Schaltbild in S-plan 7.0


Automatic Band Decoder Mounted on to the Low Pass Filter Unit
DSC03109.jpg (513234 Byte)
rf-detector-switch_may_2011_ver.2.0_SR_one!.JPG (36551 Byte)

We are offering from stock the professional gold plated  pcb´s for the Automatic Band Decoder

Dimensions 52 x 77 mm

Price € 12 Payment via Pay Pal includes Postages and Packing


abd_comp_1.jpg (71040 Byte)
Gold Plated Double Sided PCB Automatic Band Decoder Component Side
abd-pcb2.jpg (399549 Byte)
Gold Plated Double Sided PCB Solder Side
Down Load the PCB Lay Out File in PDF format
Down Load the PCB Lay Out File in Sprint 5.0 format
Laden Sie das Layout in PDF herunter
Laden Sie das Layout in Sprintformat herunter


Circuit Diagram Low Pass Filters for 100 Watt Mosfet PA

dk4dds100-watt_low_pass_unit_19_05_2011_sdr.JPG (33381 Byte)

Down Load the Low Pass Filter Circuit Diagram in PDF Format

Down Load the Bill of Material for the SDR ONE Low Pass Filter Unit in PDF Format

smd_components_placed_soldered_on_lpf_pcb.jpg (349665 Byte)

SMD Components Placed and Soldered on to the Low Pass PCB Board

Down Load the Sprint Layout Low Pass Filter File
Low Pass Filter Unit Completed
low_pass_filters_finished_sdr_one.jpg (45559 Byte)
100 Watt PA Unit mounted in to the 19 " Enclosure
1100watt_sdr_pa_mounted_into_enclosure1.jpg (52591 Byte)
Low Pass Filter Board  into the Enclosure
low_pass_filter_board_mounted__in_enclosure.jpg (39432 Byte)
TiefPass-Leiterplatte moniert im Gehaüse
Antenna Switch Antenna, Antenna Relay Board & Power Measuring Module installed into the Transceiver
antenna_switch_relay_swr_module.jpg (39966 Byte)
Antenne-Umschalter, Antennerelaisplatine und Leistungsmessung-Module eingebaut im Transceiver
Circuit Diagram Antenna Switch & Antenna Relay Board

relais_swr_board.JPG (113457 Byte)

Schaltbild Antenne-Umschalter und Sende / Empfangschaltung
Circuit Diagram of the receiver AF Amplifier which mounted into the transceiver eclosure including a loud speaker at the front
2.5 Watt NF Versterker.JPG (94488 Byte)



Finished SDR 3 GHz Controller with Intel Core I3 Processor
sdr-computer-finished-1.jpg (47044 Byte)
sdr-one-trx-painted-1.jpg (80722 Byte)
sdr-one-trx-painted-4.jpg (61192 Byte)


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