This page is created to tell a little about me, and a lot about the projects that I currently have running (not all that many) and the ones I have planned (quite a lot).

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My name is Henrik Tuxen and I have been a ham since I was 1970. I started out with the call sign OZ6WU and a class-D license in Denmark.

From To Call Where
1970 1974 OZ6WU Class D license in Denmark.
1974 1975 OZ6WU Class B license in Denmark.
1975 1979 OX3WU
Class A license in Greenland, Thule AB.
1979 2002 OZ6WU Class A license in Denmark.
2002 ???? DK1HTX Class 1 license in Germany.

I've built an Elecraft K2 with the 100W option, but is mostly running 10W in PSK31 using a T2FD antenna located under the roof. Not the best installation, but it works.

I love my K2, which has given me a lot of good experience during the building of the thing, including finding out why it did not work as it was supposed to, but you also learn a lot about the rig you later are operating.