Funkbetrieb in Malta 
(radio operation in Malta)

Standort (Location): Xaghra, island of Gozo, Malta

call sign 9H3SG / Operator Gerd Sapper
call sign 9H3HG / Operator Gisela Hoffmann DK9GG

26-SEP-2002 ... 08-OCT-2002

Station: transceiver ICOM 706 MK II G 
ant: 15 m vertical + 27 m wire with SG231 automatic antenna tuner
2 Notebook computers for RTTY and Morse telegraphy


Gerd 9H3SG/DJ4KW - Gisela 9H3HG/DK9GG

Gerd 9H3SG / Gisela 9H3HG

 Gerd Sapper

Update 23-JAN-2006