Welcome to DL1ORN's Home Page

                          Previous call signs:              Beginners license = DG0JAI                 Novice license = DH1ORN

         I belong to the German Amateur Radio Club, the local radio club being  Aue/Schwarzenberg, DOK.  S 45.
             My name is Simon and location is Raschau, a tiny village in the eastern part of Germany. (JO60JM) 400m ASL..
                                                           My Packet Radio Station was first erected in 1992.

                                 With one link to DBØSZB  I am connected to the main packet network.
            My mailbox is DB0ZWI.#SAX.DEU.EU. Over 10 years of Linux and NOS. Node call is DL1ORN-8.
Always playing around with TNOS, JNOS,TNT,DPBOX,XNET,TNN,FLEXNET. Still healthy haven't caught wampes yet.

<>                                                     By trade I am an electrical engineer and I work in the stair lift business    

                                                                        My other main interest is Slow Scan Television  SSTV

                                           Here's a picture of my analogue slow scan converter,  a modified legendary Robot 1200 C


                                             You will usually find me on short-wave later in the evenings mostly on  3.730 - 3.733 MHZ

                                                                                       For the latest in SSTV  Click Here  :-)

Latest Redundant Digital File Transfer Programmes

       Often called Digital SSTV Programmes :-)

                                                                  DIGIACE V 1.0 from Martin G3OQD     DIGIACE.ZIP

                 Digtrx from 7th July 2004    DIGTRX                Analogue and digital SSTV from 17th August 2004    MultiModeSSTV
                                                                                                             Update from 22nd September 2004    MultiModeSSTVUpdate                              

                                Files for DIGTRX    HDSSTV              s                  Needs JP2 plugins  Irfanview  and    HDSSTV   


                                                  Have a look at some SSTV pictures

                THE  SHORT-WAVE RIG

    YAESU FT757 GX 2                Home Made Equalizers          Hunter Bandit 2000 A


            SSB, AM, FM transceiver                    Designed by Bob Wheeler    ND2M                   SSB / AM Power Amplifier


                                                          Antenna for 20m 15m 10m

                                                      Periodic 5 C   from Sommer (DJ2UT)


                                       40m & 80m and the in-betweens is a 40m Doublet

                                                                                         Here's a nice Home Brew Site   EI9GQ

                               This site is nowhere but finished yet, perhaps when I have a few minutes of spare time I'll finish it off properly.

                                                    I'd  like to thank all the people who have helped me with my hobby over the years.

                                                                         Also the chap who owns this qslnet.de site for letting me use it.


                  AMPR NET: dl1orn @ gb7bbc.ampr.org
Home Page: http://www.qslnet.de/dl1orn

Tel.: 0171-415-3433
E-Mail dl1orn